Sedona Airport (a non-profit 501(c)(3) Public Corporation) – Aeronautical, Weather & Admin Information

Lost? Try:  FLAGSTAFF & NORTH AZ Weather; or GEMSS (host sites)
(Click Photo BELOW, or HERE — to get an Overhead Close-up Google Satellite Map of the Airport)
Sedona Airport - CLICK to go to the Airport Official Page Home

Sedona Flying, Weather & Airport – Technical Pages

AWOS:  (928)282-1993  (radio – 118.525)  

click HERE for Sedona Airport Authority Staff

Click HERE for AZ511 Webcam on Rte 89A to Sedona



Click Following RED-Framed BOX for PDF with All Links underlined:



Click Following Red-Framed box  for PDF with All Links Underlined:



Local AVIATION Phone/POC Book

 235 Air Terminal Drive Sedona, AZ 86336

SEZ Tenant Directory


Hillsboro Heli & RedRock & Westwind & Air tours

Ballooning: RedRock (@KSEZ) & Northern Light

Yavapai County Aircraft & POC in the FAA Records

Air Tours & FSS Phones USA  or Here; & AZ AWOS’s 

Aviation Phonebook & 99’s Sedona Red Rockettes

FAA Safety Hotline * Emergency Contacts



The Sedona Airport Airport Traffic Area Pattern From North

From North - Pattern at Sedona Airport over Sedona

The Sedona Airport Airport Traffic Area Pattern From South (another Version SHOWN HERE):

From South - Pattern at Sedona Airport over Sedona

those who need to know the Airport Identifier Sources, 
eg, for KSEZ, SEZ, and SDX, see: IATA, ICAO, and FAA LID
Geodetic Positions of KSEZ Runway 3-21 (Lat/Long)
Below: Initial Approach to Sedona Airport from the North to its 500 Ft Mesa –

View of Airport Initial Approach from North - At Top of Oak Creek Canyon - KFLG in rear - CLICK to go to Visual Approach Techniques Information

Below: Initial Approach to Sedona Airport from the South to its 500 Ft Mesa –

SF Peaks at Flagstaff on Horizon to NNW.

View of Airport Initial Approach from South - San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff on Horizon - CLICK to go to Visual Approach Techniques Information

Some videos of the Approach, Takeoff , Pattern at Sedona Airport & its

ATA/Airspace (BTW, KSEZ is “Full Stop Only”, also read THIS).

A “Must-See for New Fliers to/from Sedona Airport:


Sedona Airport is Non-Towered, but is in FAA-Controlled,

Class-E Airspace – These Unicom Radio Procedures Apply:


Though the ARTICLE HERE is incorrectly titled “Uncontrolled” (it’s non-towered and controlled),

the procedures are a good review of operating in a Class E airspace ATA



Sedona Airport Diagram:

Sedona Airport Layout



Landing Procedures and Pattern for KSEZ from North and South - CLICK for Noise Abatement Procedures


Takeoff Procedures and Pattern for KSEZ to the North and South - CLICK for Noise Abatement Procedures

Above: Takeoff and Landing patterns at Sedona Airport
(size of patterns vary inside the Airport Traffic Area (ATA), depending on
type aircraft, airspeed, weather, number in pattern, approach entry, etc.)
Find Local Ops Procedures HERE in the OPERATIONS “Bible
5-Mile FAA-Controlled Airport Traffic Area
 – Noise Abatement and Drone Prohibitions apply within –
(National Geographic Image found HERE; click Photo for Larger View)
There is an Incorrect Rumor (such as perpetuated HERE) that Sedona’s Airport has unregulated and
uncontrolled Airspace; this is FALSE; the Airspace is regulated by Law, as, NON-TOWERED, Class-E Airspace.
It is easy to get this misunderstanding – even aviators use a colloquialism, “uncontrolled airport”, to describe
non-towered airport operations…. such as HERE – Great Info, but non-Towered Airports ARE Controlled (and by
the FAA) – just not by a tower – but directly by the pilots, and indirectly by the Airport, the nearset FSS, and the FAA.
The 5-statute-mile radius around KSEZ, up to 3000 FT AGL, describes the controlled “ATA” or Airport Traffic
Area, and is regulated like every non-Towered airport in the USA. All Airspace users (pilots, drone/UAV/UAS
operators) must comply with Class E Airspace and ATA regulation, subject to penalty & enforcement.
Below: Actual Yavapai Government County PLAT of Airport Traffic
Area over Sedona Airport (State Flow Map HERE):

PLAT for Airport Traffic Area Actual Dimensions published by Yavapai County - CLICK to See Full Document.

Noise Sensitive areas in Sedona Area – CLICK to go to Abatement procedures:

Map for Area Noise Sensitive Areas to Conduct Noise Abatement Procedures - CLICK to See More

Topographic Map of Sedona Airport & Area – Click to use Interactive Topo Map:

Topographic Map of Area - CLICK to go to interactive map to explore area

Dark Sky Map of Light Pollution (Center Cross-hairs on Sedona); Click HERE for IDA reference,
Here for Night Tours, and Click on Image for more map info:

Dark Sky and Light Pollution Map of Sedona Area - Click to go to more info

Final Approach (High; normal PAPI at 3.5 Degrees) Runway 21 Sedona (Prime Takeoff):

Final Approach to Runway 21 Sedona Airport

Final Approach (High; normal PAPI at 3.5 Degrees) Runway 3 Sedona (Prime Landing):

Final Approach to Runway 3 at Sedona Airport

“Kneeboard Card” from Sedona Airport:

Airport Aviation Information

Sedona Airport Operations Policy and Procedures Manual – “The KSEZ Bible”
Click on the Image to go to a full PDF Copy:
Overtop view of the Mesa and Sedona Airport:

Overhead view of Sedona Airport

Additional Reference Bearing/Ranges from KSEZ
to Nearby Airports & Reference Points:
Flagstaff (VOR 108.2) 184 Deg / 18.8 NM
Prescott (Drake VOR 114.10) 162 Deg / 35.2 NM
(CLICK HERE for Info on ADS-B transmitter positions)
More Distances from KSEZ (from KSEZ Pilot Lounge):
Situational Awareness Map of Sedona Airport, the area, and region Airports:

Image of relation of Sedona Airport to principle Aviation points

FAA VFR Supplement Entry for Sedona Airport:

Sedona Airport FLIP Entry - VFR Supplement

FAA VFR Sectional, Sedona Airport region; Click & Pan Out to Larger Area: 

Sedona Airport in VFR Sectional Chart closer in; click to observe a larger area around Sedona Airport past Flagstaff Airport

 Airport Traffic Area (ATA) at 5 Stature Mile (SM) radius (Magenta Line)
(also a non-waiver-able No-UAS/No-Drone Area; more Drone info Below)
Obstructions from Mountain-Canyon Terrain, Vicinity Sedona Airport
(Click for Active Nav Charts; CLICK HERE for Mountain Flying Training) &

Flight Terrain in vicinity of Sedona and its airport; click to goto VFR-IFR-SAT-Terrain aviation maps

Arizona MOA’s, SUA’s and Military Ops – WEST Half AZ (56FW Luke)


Arizona MOA’s, SUA’s and Military Ops – EAST Half AZ (56FW Luke)


AZ MOA’s, SUA’s and Military Ops – Zoomed Central AZ (KSEZ) AZ (56FW)


Arizona MOA’s, SUA’s and Military Ops – MAP LEGEND (56FW Luke)


Important! CLICK Photo to Deal with Canyon Flying (thanks AZ Pilots Assn):
Screen Shot 02-15-16 at 05.12 PM
Aviation Satellite Imagery; Vicinity Sedona Airport Click for Active Nav):

Satellite Imagery overhead Sedona and its airport for navigation general reference; click to goto VFR-IFR-SAT-Terrain aviation maps

FAA IFR Low Navigation Chart for Sedona Airport and wider region
(Note: Restricted Area R-2302 on Camp Navajo, 349/21.5 @N35-10/W111-51.5, 0-10kFT):

Instrument (IFR) Navigation Low Chart vicinity Sedona Airport - and wider area to Deer Valley and Flagstaff - navigation general reference; click to goto VFR-IFR-SAT-Terrain aviation maps

Info on Fighter Traffic Flow at Luke AFB to the SouthKSEZ-LukeF16TfkFlow
Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP) GPS Runway 03 IFR to Sedona Airport:

Sedona Airport Instrument Approach (IAP) in IFR to Runway 03; CLICK to read the FAA Handbook on Instrument Approaches

Standard Instrument Departure (SID) from  Sedona Airport:

Sedona Airport SID - Standard Instrument Departure; CLICK to read the FAA Handbook on Instrument Departure Procedures

Instrument (IFR) Takeoff Minimums (Highlighted) from Sedona Airport:

Sedona Airport IFR Departure Minimums; CLICK to see Flight-Plan realtime Sedona Flight info for Instrument and other planning






NEXRAD Close-up, Sedona, Oak Creek & Sycamore Canyons, Cottonwood Loop:

Closeup Radar Weather at Flagstaff CLICK to go the the radar site to adjust image

 NEXRAD Sedona-Flagstaff Region Precip Weather Radar Loop:

Airport-Centered Animation of Radar Weather at Flagstaff CLICK to go the radar site to adjust image


Current Phase of the Moon Click4More Sedona Info

USNO Current Lunar Phase; CLICK for current Abrams night sky info

Sedona Sunrise-set, Moonrise-set, Wx, Moonphase;

Click for Hourly Sedona Weather Channel Info:

Sunrise-set and Moonrise-set Sedona AZ - Weather and Moonphase; Click to go to Weather Channel Hourly info

Night Sky over Sedona – CLICK Image to Go to Detailed Sky information: 

Pattern at Sedona Airport over Sedona

Sedona Astronomy Club: “Sirius Lookers” 

Sedona Astronomy Night Tours HERE





Click for Sedona, Arizona Forecast

Click for Flagstaff, Arizona Forecast

Click for Williams, Arizona Forecast

Blank Flight Plan

National WX, Flight Planning and Filing


800WXBrief&PilotGuideNWS & AvnWX Center

Vaisla Lightng Map & JetStream& SNOtel Map

VintageBo MatrixGraphical Wx& Daily US WXMaps

Live Natl WindPattrns MAP& Nat’l WaterVapor Map

Nav Monster & Sky Vector & Vintage Bo flt Plans

UVFltPlanner & FlightPrep & SkyVector Charts

Flight & PFPS Falconview & Jeppessen

FAA-NAS-Stat & Delays; & FSDOs &FAR/Reg/AD

ADS-B StationsGuglEarth KMLs/sites & GPSEntry

MOGAS Map&Ethanol-free Gas&Fuel-stop Planner


Haha hohoho…

Example Fltplan



Inflight – Radios & Communications

Guide&Bands&AM Stations&Comms(Mil)Frqs&Airport Frqs 

AOPA&NOAAWx&RadioRef@ATC *USG*Phx-Area*Fire-NIFC

Air Freqs & More Air Freqs & NDBs & More NDBs & Airnav



EMS & Beyond – Scanners, Sedona, Area Frequencies

Radio Reference- Yavapai County Feqs* Flagscanner Live Feeds

Brodcastify LiveFeed:Yavapai* CoconinoArtsci HamRepeaters

Slywarn:kBrews AZ WX Spotter&Skywarn Repeaters& Spotters

Gallegos Freqs * Uniden Scanner: Manual * Primer * Reference



N. AZ Airport/Local Weatherstations-Wundergnd

Prescott Apt & Winslow & NE Mesa & Munds PkNOAZ : MESONET



Regional Audio & Streaming:


North AZ& Phoenix& Tucson& SoCal-SanDiego

PHX Area Live ATIS Wx & TWR Stream Audio

FFZ TwrLive& ATIS FFZ Live& WundrWxRadio

Falcon Winds & Wx &  FFZ WunderGrnd WX




Key Flight Planning, Sedona Area & Regional Weather

VFRMap& AirNav& SkyVector& FltPlan& AirMgr& Intellicast

Topo& FlightAware&Globalair&AOPA& NWS-7d& School Close

Windfindr-SEZWindAlert& Wundrgrnd-SEZ:METAR-TAF

WindsAloft & GlobalAir SEZ Wx& EarthCams SW-US Map

CelWX & Flagstaff Hrly Graphics & Intelicast & WundrGnd

NOAA N-AZ Haz/fcst Maps & Northern AZ Area Fcst Discussn

NWS NAZ FcstProds & 511 Coconino Fcst & 511WMogollnFcst

LWxBug Lightng Map & Stormvue Lightnng Map & AccuWx

 SW-WxNet & NOAA WCONUS H2OVapor & NWS-Flg

W-NWS Warn Watches & Advisories & WWR Notices AZ





AAAE Information & CM – Airport Management Info

AEEE CM Program & My Airport Operations & CM Webinars

 Pass 1st &StudySession &AirlinersThread &StudyGuide &HowTo



AAAE CM Airport Managment Study Guides & Cards

Card Links & MoreOps Module4 & Ops Acronyms & Ace Ops

Environmental Regs & Module1 & Module2 & Test Module &

Body/Knowledge & Finance/Admin Acronyms & Test Module



Federal, FAA, State, NTSB etc Airport Directives

FAA ACRP Guide: Leasing Apt Property & FAA 5190.6 ComplianceAlso

Ch20 FAA Compatible Land Use & FAA 8083-30 Pubs/Forms/Regs Basics

 FAA Airport Programs&GuidanceFAA Part16 Rules&Decisions &SEZ Ops

FAA Airport Compliance/Mgmt Analysis & Office of Planning/Programing

FAA Office of Airport Safety & Stds & NTSB Pubs/Regs/Accidents/Safety

FAA Airport CertAlerts & ACRP: Expedite Airport Recovery FAA-ACI Ops

FAA Airport Compliance PrgmFAA Wildlife Hazard& NTSB Accident DB

FAA-ACRP Research Program & FAA-Engineering/Design/Construction

FAA Runway Safety & FAA Airport Safety & FAA Environmental Program

FAA Tech R&D & FAA Airport Sustainability & FAA Compatuble Land Use

FAA-Land For Airports/Relocation & FAA Air Quality-Environmental

FAA Airport Noise & FAA Planning & Airport Capacity & Data & NBAA

FAA Aero Data@Development & ADS-B Transmitters in USA &Part16 DB

Part 16 SEZ Skydance Heli Decision & 2007 FAA Air Trafic Organization

FAA Airport Complaints Part16& FAAPart 16 Do’s-Dont’s& Part 16 FAQ

Part16 Doc& Also Doc Online& Part16 Timelines& FAA/Environmental Law

State:Vcnty & JO7110.10 Flight ServicesAC91-79 Overruns &Braking Action

FAA-NextGen: Airports& Priorities& Plan& ADS-B& Programs& Equipment

ADOT:SEZ-InfoAirport Pavement Mgmt System:APMS& SEZ Road& Docs 

FAA- Aircraft FAR-43 & FAA FAR 91  General Flight Ops & Rules &SELpoc

Public Service Aircraft Ops & FAA Safety Hotline




Airport Management of NOTAMS, AWOS, NAVAIDS, AF/Ds

FAA Airport Facility Directory (F/AD) & FAA: Airport Navaids

Vaisala AWOS & AnyAWOS & AWOS/ASOS Map & Another


NOTAMs for Airport Operators & NOTAM 101







Airspace Information, Map Info & Airport Airspace

(Click Image or HERE for Detailed Info  on Airspace, or Another Chart)


WikiAirspace ClassificationRead a Sectional & Use a Sectional

Sedona:Class E Controlled Airspace& KSEZ Class E& Class D/E:SEZ-FLG

Non-Towered Airports & State Traffic Pattern Plat& Ops Policies



Gets signs Here, Here

UAV’s, UAS’es, Drones: LATEST {CLICK} & HERE


FAA:UAV Home& Drone Preflight Checks &Law Enforcement Action& FAQ

Law Enforcement Guide: Unauthorized Use& LEO-Guidecard&Contact FAA

Biz Users (all that are paid) & Recreational Users & Public Service Users

FAA Part107 NPRM HomeSummaryFull Rule & Section 333 Exemptions

MarathonUAV: CoC LtrATA-MapMap1 & Map2  ViolationMapUAS Flier

Example Sedona FAA Exemption Letter (Skelley); note minimal exemptions

 AC91-57A (Models) & FAA Speech & News & FAA Safety Campaign & Myths

UAS Webinars &Events &B4UFLY News  B4UFLY App Droid &Report Illegal

FAA FAQ& Model Rule & NAS Rule & FAA 8900.227 (UAS) & Airworthiness 

News:W-Post &WSJ &LAX &Reuters &FAA-Admin &Wiki &Feinstein & Bill





Other Aircraft: Balloon & Glider Ops, Info

Right of Way Rules & RedRock (@KSEZ) & Northern Light

FAA BalloonsFAA 5190.6B Balloon Ops & Kite/Balloon Regs

FAA: Manned Free Balloons & Balloon Flying Handbook

AC 91-71 Balloons & Hi-altitude&Umnanned BalloonRegs

Glider Flying Handbook & Type-Cert Gliders AC 21.17-2A

Glider & Light Plane Operations





SEZWebcam& EarthCamEarthcam &CamsUSA& Worldwide

Sedonacam&SedonaWebcam&SEZ Photos&Vision&Documentary

Bell Rock &SedonaCamUSA & FLGWinterRec & PRC-AirportCam

RedRckCam;Youtube:Jet Landing& Waco Takeoff& Waco Flight



About Sedona, Arizona & Yavapai County – General

Sedona Home Page & Sedona Wiki & Commercial Portal

Travel guide Video & Tourism Page & CoC Tourism Board

Chamber/Commerce & CEO Youtube & Staff Bios & POCs & Ltr

OakCreek Canyon& StreetmapGateway(& Cam) & Vacations

 Historical Society & Keep-Beautiful  & Yavapai County Airports

Airport Authority& Yavapai County Public Works Airport Divn

Vortexes” & County PermitsTribes & More & MoreYPIT

Tribal Lands Map – Click HERE or Map, to go to More:




About Sedona Airport (KSEZ) – General

KSEZ Home PageSW-Aviator & FBO & More & FBO Fuels 

OpsProcs &MountainFly& Board/Directors &MasterPlan/Study

Airport News & Traffic Flow Pattern MapMP Runway Map 

Airport History & Events & Airport trail & Hotel & Fin/Tax

FAA-MasterRecd& AirportIQ OpsTally&Animal Control&BirdStrikes

Airport Disclosure Map& Airport ByLaws& Financial statements

Tax Exempt Status & Tax-app & Lease Renewal & Maplandia

Red Rockettes 99’s& CAP& Airport PhotosWaco’s& Waco Flights


Airport & Community Topics/Issues


Good Editorial Cartoon Humor as the new GM repairs house (RRN, 23 Mar 16)

NewGM &GMupdate &Takeover? &2015 Budget&FunDay&More&Evts 

Airport News &Red Rock News &Wishlist &Trail Revamp & County

Faux-Fuel Issues&Noise Abatement& 2013 Airport Mgr& SOCUSD

2015 Airport Mgr Departs&’16:County Nixes 6Apt Board& GrnMasterPlan

15 UpdatingPlan  &Youtube:Crashes & CTA Facebook &’14 Lodge re-Zone

Past Lawsuit& QuietSkies Alliance& Apt Roads& Marathon

Goose&Egg &Lawsuit &Santuary &Sedona Traffic &Improvement &Mason

Construction & Trails& Road Project& City Crash& Leases v.FAA Grant

Glendale Suit & Prescott Apt Lease Analysis & Venice FAA report

Jet Overshoot&Rimrock Crash SEZ JetCrash&SEZ RoadRehab&History




KSEZ (Via Airport Authority) as an NPO:


…is a non-Governmental, Non-Profit Organization (& Federal 501(c)(3)), per HERE

KSEZ has a non-profit Board (“Airport Authority”)  and CEO (General Manager),

with Some Yavapai County controls on decision processes as a product of its

Master Lease (HERE) with the county land.


More Info on NPO’s (vs for-Profits),

And 101 info, See the Links etc, Below:



Craig Winrich &  NPO Mission creep Fallacy:  

“…chasing the money instead of being focused on your mission.”


The Difference between a for-Profit & an NPO:

“If there is a surplus, such companies set it aside for salaries. The only 

point to note is that a non profit company does not report profits,

or in other words,it is not there to make money.”


The Basics of a Non-Profit Organization vs. For-Profit:

“It’s not about having or not having a profit. What makes an org-

anization a nonprofit is that: (1) its mission is to undertake activities whose

goal is not primarily for profit; (2) no person owns shares of the corporation 

or interests in its property; (3) the property and income of the nonprofit

corporation must never be distributed to any owners but are recycled back

into the nonprofit corporation’s public benefit mission and activities.”


Small Business – Non-Profit & Profit Comparisons:

“The most fundamental difference between nonprofit and for-profit
organizations is the reason they exist. For-profit companies are
generally founded to generate income for entrepreneurs and their
employees, while nonprofits are generally founded to serve a humanitarian
or environmental need. Nonprofit organizations channel all of their income
into programs and services aimed at meeting people’s unmet or under-met
needs, such as food, water, shelter and education, or towards other issues
such as deforestation and endangered species.”
Independent Sector on Non-Profits:
 “it must benefit the broad public interest, not just the interests of its members.
It must serve one or more of the following purposes, which come from the IRS:
charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary, testing for public safety,
fostering national or international amateur sports competition, or the prevention
of cruelty to children or animals. 
LegalZoom & Non-Profits:
“A nonprofit organization is one that does not pass its income to its members or
shareholders, but instead uses the income to further a goal that benefits the
community or some part of the community. This does not mean that the operations
of a nonprofit cannot be profitable. Many nonprofit organizations make large profits
on their operations, but those profits cannot benefit private parties. They must be used
to further the organization’s stated goal. If a nonprofit disbands, no one except another
qualified nonprofit organization (with goals as similar as possible) can take over
its assets.”
Answerguide on Non-Profit vs. Profit & Accounting:
“…there are significant differences. These arise out of the nonprofit
organization’s duty to drive its resources toward its mission.”


NPO Rights * Form-990 * Disadvantages * Boards * Basics * Std Mistakes

Management * Exemptions * Obtain 501c3 Status & Wiki * NPO Fraud-Abuse

 Scope of Sector * NPO Mgmt Skills * NPO Purposes * Using Contractors

Marking Techniques * Ugly Impressions (to Avoid) About Airport Non-Profi

 Wiki – NPOs * NPQ: NPO Airport Start * AOPA & NPOs/Events




Additional & Detailed Overhead Imagery of Sedona Airport




For Administration & Planning Use; for more Sedona Airport

Operations & Maintenance procedures (Flying, Ground Ops,

Buildings, Hangars), CLICK HERE

Skyranch Lodge Area:


Masonic Lodge, Water Tank, Cel Towers


Northeast-most L, K Hangars, ‘dead-end’, taxiway, A2, and Admin chalet L2


Terminal, Mesa Grill, A5, and Transient Line


A7-8, Backtaxi area of Runway 3


Taxi-Hold-short area of Runway 21, L Hangars, Feeders A1, A2, and Admin Chalet L2


Airport View from Runway 21 Approach; Taxi feeders A1 upward in foreground

Occasional Balloon Ops – Review Right of Way Rules


RWY 21 Approach to Land with Saddle hill & Road up, below; downdraft area

CLICK HERE, PHOTO to see Video Simulation of Approach (info only)


RWY 21 Departure View of Runway 03 end, Southerly Area (Preferred for Noise)

CLICK HERE, PHOTO to see Video Simulation of Departure (info only)


RWY 03 Departure View of Runway 21 end with Hill and City area

CLICK HERE, PHOTO to see Video Simulation of Departure (info only)


Airport View from Runway 03 Approach to Land

CLICK HERE, PHOTO to see Video Simulation of Approach (info only)


Overhead of RWY 21 end and taxiways, A1-3


Overhead of Masonic Lodge, Scenic View parking, and Airport access road


Overhead View of Sky Ranch Loddge, Overhead View + Parking


Overhead of Northeast end Hangars L, K, to T-Hangars (H, I)


Overhead of K, T-Hangars (G, H, I),  and E, F Center Area Hangars


Overhead of Center-area Hangars, Heli-tour Offices, A4, Mesa Grill Restaurant


Overhead of Airport Center – Runway, Taxiway, A4-6, Transient Line


Overhead of Terminal, Transient Line, Parking, Grill


Overhead of Fuel Farm, Helipads, taxiway, A6-7


Overhead of Transient Line


Overhead of SW end of Airport, including A3-7


Overhead of NE end of Airport, incliing A1-5


Overhead of entire airport, Lodge, 500-ft rise mesa, access road


Overhead of area NE of KSEZ – yellowed roads are AZ 89A


Overhead of area SW of KSEZ – yellowed roads are AZ 89A


Overhead of area NW of KSEZ – yellowed roads are AZ 89A


Overhead of area SE of KSEZ – yellowed roads are AZ 89A


Town-side view of KSEZ & Mesa from the North, Note Scenic Lookout, etc


West-side view of KSEZ & Mesa from the South, Note hiking path & 500′ rise, etc


Scenic View, View Parking, and Sky Ranch Inn


Hangar Assignments as of 12/21/2015, in the public record



Density Altitude  (Important at KSEZ) 

About Density Altide (DA)

Lapeer& AOPA& FAA& FAATestNOAA& BigBear

PikesPeak & ShelquistWiki & DragStuff

ABC-Calculate DA (brkn) & DA Chart HERE 

Cool DA Calculators

NWS ElPaso &Griffin & Shelquist

AirDensity & BaraniDesign & Wallace

More DA Calculators & Apps

DragTimes& WallaceCalcs & Rascom

RascomAndroidApp & ADO-ProCalcs

Approximate DA’s (But: please calculate for yourself):



Snow, Fire & Other Impacts in Northern AZ

 USFSGooglWildfire& USGS Fire& Wildlnd FireMap& FireWxMap
ConoNatForst(fire) & AZ FireMap  & InciWeb(Fire,Other) & UOP
SnowMapNOAA& FUSD-Snow &AzSNOTELs & ADOT511Map
NOAA-US/lclSnowMoni& Snowbowl: Rept1 &Rept2 &SpaceWx*


Mountain [Canyon] Flying Procedures

MtnFlyingTips2 MtnFlyingTips1




 NWS View, San Francisco Peaks  @Bellemont (10nm W/KFLG), Northward

NOAA NWS Webcam - CLICK for Movie of same image 

AZ Water Vapor Satellite (Click for Animation)

Satellite Water Vapor AZ CLICK to go to ANIMATED View  

Below: Water Vapor Satellite (Click for Animation)

Satellite Water Vapor SW USA CLICK to go to ANIMATED View 

Below: AZ Region Lightning Strikes (Click to GO THERE), or CLICK to go HERE or more Lightning:

K7BUC Lightning Strikes in N AZ - CLICK to go to StormVue


Click to go to NOAA AZ Weather PagesClick to go to NOAA AZ Weather Pages

Click to go to NOAA AZ Weather PagesClick to go to NOAA AZ Weather Pages

Click to go to NOAA AZ Weather PagesClick to go to NOAA AZ Weather Pages

Click to go to NOAA AZ Weather PagesClick to go to NOAA AZ Weather Pages

Click to go to NOAA AZ Weather PagesClick to go to NOAA AZ Weather Pages



Below: National Hazards Regions

National Hazards; Click to go to Local Warnings

Below: National 6 to 10 day Forecast Precip

Precip 6-10 day click for forecasts



Warnings & Watches; CLICK to go to NOAA Warnings & Watches Page

Current National Surface Map from the Weather Channel; click to go there

CHART US Storm Report; Click to go there

Aviation National Surface Winds - click to Go There

Several BELOW: DUATS CSC National Weather – Current, Trends, and Forecasts


DUATS CSC National Weather - Click here to Log in for Aviation Forecasts

DUATS CSC National Weather - Click here to Log in for Aviation Forecasts

DUATS CSC National Weather - Click here to Log in for Aviation Forecasts

DUATS CSC National Weather - Click here to Log in for Aviation Forecasts

DUATS CSC National Weather - Click here to Log in for Aviation Forecasts

DUATS CSC National Weather - Click here to Log in for Aviation Forecasts

DUATS CSC National Weather - Click here to Log in for Aviation Forecasts

DUATS CSC National Weather - Click here to Log in for Aviation Forecasts

DUATS CSC National Weather - Click here to Log in for Aviation Forecasts

DUATS CSC National Weather - Click here to Log in for Aviation Forecasts

DUATS CSC National Weather - Click here to Log in for Aviation Forecasts

DUATS CSC National Weather - Click here to Log in for Aviation Forecasts


Wunderground: National Severe Weather; Click to go to interactive map then click colors for info
SEVERE Wunderground National Weather - Click here to Go There

Wunderground: National Upper Winds
Winds Aloft Wunderground National Weather - Click here to Go There

Wunderground: National Flight Rules (VFR/MVFR/IFR/LIFR)
U.S. Flight Rules & Conditions Wunderground National Weather - Click here to Go There

Wunderground: National Upper Air Observations


Wunderground: National Map of Fronts; Click to go to WUnderground Maps

FRONTS Wunderground National Weather - Click here to Go To WUNDERGROUND MAPS

Wunderground: National Current Radar (Click to get to Map that can take you to local radars)
RADAR MAPS Wunderground National Weather - Click here to Go There

Observed Relative humidity. Click to go to USFS Wildland Fire Assessment System pages

Observed Wind Speed. Click to go to USFS Wildland Fire Assessment System pages

Surface Winds. Click to go to NOAA Aviation Weather Pages

Surface Analysis. Click to go to NOAA Aviation Weather Pages

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Sedona Airport Master Plan Drawings (linked to ADOT):

Layouts, Pavement, Airspace, Approaches, Etc.

Airport Layout Plan

SEZ_ALP_02Terminal Area Plan


FAR Part 77 Imaginary Surfaces


Runway 03-21 Profile & Approach Zone Profile


Runway 03-21 Protection Zone Plan


Airport Property Map


Land Use & N0ise Contour Map


Goto Top /Refresh (Sedona Airport)

Goto Flagstaff Airport & Astronomer Weather

Goto GEMSS Links Page



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